Getting married in post-subsidy era

Loving and being loved give meaning to our life and purpose. A 2023 Survey in America showed that adultery or abuse are not the major causes of divorce but debt and financial stress. An average family in Nigeria spends more than N200,000 in a month just for feeding. Where do we place salary earners? Companionship is critical to the happiness and success of human beings. No man is an island and we need each other for our survival. Being single or married should not be a subject of discussion, debate but the present economic realities in the country is a matter that demands redress and attention. One need to visit Ikoyi Marriage Registry or obtain the requirements for a court marriage to ascertain the pressure on the youths. Not just that, a visit to a poor or rich family in Owerri asking for their daughter’s hand in marriage will justify the oddities in getting married.

Despite the rate of inflation all over the world, the man-made (artificial) inflation in Nigeria rises above 25%. The administration of Bola Ahmed Tinubu virtually removed all the subsidies sustained by previous governments. The energy sector involving electricity, diesel, fuel, gas and kerosine is beyond the reach of common citizens. The subsidy era is gone so said Mr. President and when we talk about subsidies the common masses in the rural areas do not get a full gist or firm grasp of what is being said. A subsidy is the amount of money say $10 that the government pays for each commodity, item or service to reduce the price, make it affordable to the common folks. Now, in USA, UK and other civilized countries, subsidies are paid not just on green energy, biomass, those Government pay subsidy to Farmers reducing the price of food. They provide subsidy in education, transportation, housing and agriculture. These governments build low-cost houses, pay subsidy to landlords to reduce the cost of house rent.

So many civil servants in Nigeria go to work once or twice in a week due to high cost of transportation. The APC Government starting from Muhammad Buhari to the present government are nothing but witches, vampires sucking the blood of citizens and putting them in bondage. It’s an unapologetic witchcraft.

Having food on the table nowadays is not just a miracle but a stressor. Nobody talks about favourite delicacies just as many are being fed like cats and dogs. Serving leftovers in the family menu is a delight and a source of thanksgivings. Raising children is becoming cumbersome. Amongst many spouses, feelings are not shared, concerns are not raised, fears are heightened, plans deleted while hopes are dashed. What then becomes of love? Demanding jobs leave scars on the emotions of the employees.

Almost all the young people in Nigeria are unproductive. The system is faulty and repellent. The emotional, physical and spiritual needs of the citizens are hard to find. Men and women through the union of marriage satisfy the physical and emotional cravings that nature demands making it possible for them to attain the actualization of their dreams. A woman is meant to be a helper to the man, helping him to fulfill destiny. A man on the other hand is supposed to love the woman and take good care of her. This is why every responsible government must make the society functional by providing basic amenities, ensuring constant supply of electricity to engineer productivity amongst the citizenry.

We must commend the efforts of Governor Soludo’s solution in Anambra State which provides free education, free ante-natal, delivery and massive employment of qualified Nigerians not just Anambrarians. This comes at a time when the federal government is busy sacking and having workers retrenched. We must commend Nonye Soludo’s Healthy Living Project which is standing in the gap for the mentally challenged Nigerians, rehabilitated them, raising awareness against stigmatization, giving them a source of livelihood. Such gestures are needed to reduce crime and maintain peace and order in the society.

We can imagine a situation whereby the farmers pay ransom to Non-State actors to have access to their farms and the Government is redundant about such atrocities. “Who said e no go better for somebody?” Some of the past leaders in Nigeria witnessed the genocide and ethnic cleansing while in power. Today, Nigerians are still smiling and laughing. We may do what we can to enslave the masses and cage them but regrettably, freedom will always come to the people and to the shock or death of whomever allowed such marginalization. Many are wishing, calling for a revolution but it is far-fetched. Nigerians are like clipped and caged birds, they cannot fly. In a condition lower than slavery; hungry and starving; who will revolt? Those that are entrapped with palliatives cannot carry out a revival/revolution. Many in Nigeria dream about dying and fainting. Nigeria needs a saviour and a Redeemer.

Obiotika Wilfred Toochukwu

St. Patrick’s Catholic Church, Awgbu