Is there a way to wear false lashes without them being too obvious?

Rachael asks how to achieve long, luscious lashes without looking like an antique doll.

Lashes have become a huge focal point in the past decade and there are myriad ways to enhance them, but these are my favourite options. Lash extensions take two-three hours to apply and last up to a month. Done well, they look natural, in particular the Ellipse flat lashes, which have forked ends to double the appearance of volume without adding weight. Avoid Russian lash extensions, as they look obviously fake and make you look a little like those antique dolls that blink in a mildly terrifying way.

Next is Lashify, where small lash sections are applied to the underside of your own lashes. Once you master the technique – brilliantly explained on its YouTube channel – they’re actually easier to apply than regular strip lashes and look more natural, too. They can last up to a week; go for 1-2mm longer than your natural lashes for an enhanced rather than obvious look.

Then there is the traditional false lash also known as the strip lash, applied with glue. For the easiest application, choose ones with a very fine band or, better yet, try a half-strip lash that sits on the outer corner of the lash line; it looks super natural.

Finally, my personal go-to is a lash tint and lash lift done somewhere reputable like nationwide chain Blink Brow Bar, a coat of a very dramatic mascara such as Fenty Hella Thicc and a few added cluster lashes to give some subtle fullness. Go forth and flutter.