115-inch TVs to AI-powered house robots, key products unveiled at CES

The LG Smart Home AI Agent is unveiled by LG as Henry Kim, a team leader for ThinQ Platform business for LG Electronics U.S., discusses its features at a CES press conference. Jan. 9, 2023. Photograph: Sean Hemmersmeier

Possible predecessors of Rosey the Robot from “The Jetsons” were on display at CES’ media preview on Monday as companies revealed innovative products from live translating devices to in-home artificial intelligence-powered robots.

Several companies showcased AI-integrated products to improve performance and efficiency bringing home appliances and other gadgets closer to the 2062 depicted in the iconic 1960s cartoon while showcasing their lineup of products to be released in 2024.

LG unveiled a suite of AI-assisted home appliances as part of its ThinQ system — one of the most unique products is the Smart Home AI agent, a small robot with two legs that allow it to walk around on its own. This device uses generative AI and is able to hold a conversation. It has a screen for a face that can display certain emotions and communicate or send commands to other LG-connected devices.

Samsung also unveiled a similar product called Ballie. This robot doesn’t have a screen but can display messages on windows or floors. This device can control other Samsung devices and send messages to its owner.

Samsung also unveiled other personal devices, including an AI system for a refrigerator that can detect what types of food are placed in it and the expiration dates for some items.

TVs were a big part of the spectacle at this year’s media preview as TCL unveiled a QM8 model with a 115-inch screen, that beats out its previous biggest screen of 98 inches. It also has an AI-powered processor that improves image quality.

TCL used the celebrity factor to help convey its newest products, serving up former Raiders star safety Charles Woodson for its presentation. Woodson helped showcase TCL’s RayNeo X2 Lite, a smaller model of TCL’s existing smart glasses which provide augmented displays that show directions and live captioning of people speaking. It also has a camera in between each spectacle to take photos.

Another AI-powered product unveiled, X1 AI Interpreter Hub created by Chinese company Timekettle, is a terminal that can provide live translating services across 40 different languages with a 95 percent accuracy rate, CEO Leal Tian said.

The X1 terminal comes with a screen that can display and translate what people say in real time. The terminal also comes with a pair of Timekettle earbuds which also has live translating technology.

The CES show floor opens on Tuesday and closes on Friday.