Korra Obidi resumes fight with Justin Dean over child support

US-based Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi has called out her estranged husband, Justin Dean, over failure to pay child support.

Obidi in a now viral clip on the internet, accused Dean of not contributing financially to the care of their two kids.

While lamenting her struggles to shoulder the financial burden alone, the dancer said: “Health care, food, nothing, all I am asking from you is for you to play your part because all on me is too much e go choke.

“Athena is almost joining. Imagining If I have to pay the two together by only me, this fight e no go fit end like that.

“And all the people saying free school, come to LA and look for public school and see where your child would end up, not for my June and Athena.”

The Telegraph reports that Obidi and Dean’s marriage crashed in 2022, over allegations of infidelity.