Air Peace Boss Clinches Sun’s Exceptional Philanthropist Man Of The Year Award

Barrister Allen Onyema, Chairman of Air Peace

Barrister Allen Onyema, the Chairman of Air Peace has clinched the ‘Exceptional Philanthropist of the Year Award’ at the Sun Awards 2020, which took place over the weekend in Lagos State.

A statement by Mr Stanley Olisa, the Spokesman for the airline said that the award by the Sun Newspaper was in recognition of Onyema’s exceptional philanthropy, peacemaking efforts, diplomacy and reconciliation.

Described as the ‘patriot with the air of peace’, Onyema, amidst an array of acts of big heart, inked his name indelibly, with the magnanimous and historic airlift of Nigerians stranded in the wake of the xenophobic onslaughts in South Africa, the statement hinted.

In his award acceptance speech, Onyema lauded Nigerians and dedicated the award to God who he said enables his philanthropy and other social impact initiatives.

“I want to thank Nigerians and I dedicate this award to God Almighty who gave me the heart, courage and strength to do the things that myself and my wife do. It is not just me alone. If I don’t have that support of a woman who sees herself in others. A woman who believes service to humanity is the most important”, Onyema said.

The aviation investor, who used the opportunity to preach peace and unity in his ebullient manner, noted that there were issues in Nigeria, but argued that with love and respect, they could be addressed.

He said: “The present predicament in Nigeria cannot be solved by force, but by reconciliatory moves, just as it was done in the Niger Delta. I do not mind if amnesty is given to Sunday Igboho, Nnamdi Kanu, and the other people, the bandits. This will usher another era in this country.”

He urged Nigerians not to lose hope in the country, adding that the recent Air Peace sponsorship of the National Teams in N300 million deal, was to restore national hope in Nigerian football, which he said has proved to be a unifying medium.

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